Gregor Pfeiffer

Minimize risks, increase margins

Even during my studies at WU in the 1990s, I was impressed by the (admittedly mostly not altruistic) willingness of many entrepreneurs to invest assets and quality of life to create secure jobs. After completing my studies, I initially decided to pursue a career in management consulting, partly to help companies optimize their results, partly to learn.

In 2007 I ended up in the real estate industry by accident. After several years of consulting, “I was waiting for my employer at the time”, the HR consultant I trusted told me about an exciting position as “Controlling manager in a specialized consulting company”. It turned out that it was the management company of a well-known real estate developer that was run as a consulting firm under commercial law.

In the months that followed, I first set up controlling, streamlined numerous commercial processes and improved the company's operating results. In the course of the financial crisis in 2008, I and my colleagues became painfully aware of the risks in real estate development. Even if I left the company in 2009, I am still pleased that we were able to master this difficult time together and that the company is still extremely successful in the market today.

In the course of my further professional career, my subject areas expanded, in 2013 I switched to the “sister industry” of construction, thus building up a second branch of expertise.

From 2018 till end of 2020 I served as CFO for a medium-sized property developer and managing director of a construction company specializing in residential construction.

In these days I learned that the Vienese residential market is characterized by increasing rent levels, decreasing yields, high development risks and low margins for construction companies.

Today I am supporting developers and construction companies to minimize their risks and increase their margins.

In my blog I am publishing analyses and offering ideas to optimize business. Obviously, all views are somewhat subjective. Feedback is always welcome.

In addition, I try to regularly publish guest articles and work on longer-term book projects.

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