Gregor Pfeiffer

Minimize risks, increase margins

Construction and real estate are among the largest, most risky and at the same time most fascinating industries. In Austria, the construction and real estate industries contribute around 16.4% to GDP (source: Statistics Austria). In contrast to the more profitable real estate development business (if successful), the construction industry has always been struggling with low margins. As a result, the construction industry is the insolvency leader on average in 8 out of 10 years.

Since joining the real estate sector in 2007 I have experienced many challenges in both industries. Fortunately I had the privilege to work together with many smart and experienced people who helped me gain a deep understanding of possible solutions. Following my claim „minimize risks, increase margins“, I regularly publish (building) construction and real estate blogs on the following topics:

  • Financial structure optimization
  • Financing  / bank negotiation
  • M&A / Post Merger Integration Management
  • Commercial project management / result optimization (including fraud prevention)
  • Digitization of commercial processes
  • System selection and optimization (ERP, DWH and planning systems)

Despite having proved to be successful in a certain setting all approaches described in my blog are somewhat subjective. Feedback and other opinions are therefore always welcome. Please use the comment function below. I am also happy to answer any questions by e-mail or on social media.

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