Gregor Pfeiffer

Minimize risks, increase margins

I have been a shareholder in Immo Analytics GmbH, operator of, since July 2021. IMMOkalkulator enables a real-time forecast of the rental or purchase price of a specific privately financed Viennese apartment, which can be defined by the user by entering up to 35 factors with around 300 characteristics, such as distance to public transport, year of construction and renovation, number of rooms, floor, furnishings, term of the rental contract, room height, etc. Particularly innovative is the definition of the macro-location at the level of 91 Viennese districts, which are much more homogeneous in terms of rental and purchase prices than the districts often used. The expected rental and purchase prices are calculated using a statistical regression model based on several 100,000 comparable properties updated daily.

The features of IMMOkalkulator include:

  • a presentation of the composition of the calculated rent or purchase price based on the 35 factors listed above (quantified value driver analysis)
  • a time series presentation of the rental and purchase price development at weekly/monthly/quarterly level
  • Sensitivity analysis of the fluctuation range of the rental or purchase price with regard to factors not defined by the user
  • Reduction of daily fluctuations by averaging the expected values over freely selectable longer periods of time
  • Information for statistical validation of the results
  • Quartile, median and arithmetic mean of all offers with applicable input criteria (e.g. all attic apartments with 2 WCs in the Schleifmühlviertel)
  • Presentation of the negotiation success achievable on the market for rental and owner-occupied apartments.

The product can be purchased at Of course, the knowledge gained from using this product can also be incorporated into my consultancy services if required.